rsync returned 23

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at
Mon Mar 22 21:17:26 GMT 2004

Hello Rsync users,

I,m using rsnapshot, an incremental backup too based on rsync to backup data
from remote servers using ssh. The data mainly consists of windows shares
(samba & windows NT4 Server). Most of the shares backup ok but when backing
up some shares the following error is recorded in  
/var/log/rsnapshot :

[20/Mar/2004:01:17:45] ERROR: /usr/local/bin/rsync returned 23

Once this error has been recieved the backup stops, the data having been
partially backed up. I cant understand this because other times the backup
will work correctly. This does seem to happen more often on NT4 Server

I am using the following parameters with rsync:

-rtlD --delete --numeric-ids

When googling for a solution i found the folling link :

Which states the " rsync returns 23 (RERR_PARTIAL) when a file has been
deleted after the list has been created " . This does not make much sence to
me but maybe someone else can make sense of it.

Any help/comments please ?.
Thank you.


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