Long time needed for "Building file list" Any suggestions ?

Hergaarden, Marcel Marcel.Hergaarden at Getronics.com
Mon Mar 22 12:42:24 GMT 2004

We're running rsync 2.5.7 on a Windows2000 server, in combination with
cygwin/ssh. The server who receives the data is a Linux server.

The amount of data from the Windows server is about 100 Gb. Represented
by 532.000 files of different nature. Mostly doc, ppt and xls files.

It takes about 2 hours to create only the file list. 

Is the amount of data/files to big, should I segmentate the backupfiles
or is something else the cause of this long duration.

Lookin forward to your answers.

Marcel Hergaarden

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