Behaviour of server over SSH

Paul Galbraith paul at
Sun Mar 21 18:34:01 GMT 2004

I was trying to configure a remote system to be backed up with Rsync, 
but I'm wondering if I misunderstand the way the rsync is designed to 
run in server mode over ssh.

I set up a rsync server on the host to be backed up, running out of 
inetd.  I can connect locally from the server and things seem to work.

 From my remote workstation, however, I tried to connect like this:

rsync -e "ssh -l ssh-user" backup-user at

I get an error message saying that "rsyncd.conf" cannot be found.  It's 
in /etc and appears to be found when I connect to the server from a 
shell account locally.  So, I'm guessing that when I connect remotely, 
rsync is trying to start up a server using the ssh-user account and is 
looking for rsyncd.conf in /home/ssh-user.  Is that what's going on?  Is 
there some way to connect to the remote server running under inetd, so 
that I can still tunnel through ssh?

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