Quick Question.

Eran Tromer rsync2eran at tromer.org
Sat Mar 20 16:59:41 GMT 2004


It would have been a simple script with the extension I proposed
("create batch without patching",

Alternatively, you can use librsync's rdiff. That lets you can save the
patch information to a file and then transmit it only if it's not too
large. But then you'll have to sync a single large tar file
(equivalent), and do the file management by yourself.


On 2004/03/20 01:57, Jason C. Leach wrote:
> So I have two machines that rsync over an ADSL network. This works fine,
> except on certain times when we get too much new data.  They it takes
> far too long to backup this way.
> What I would like to do is have the output from rsync go to a USB drive,
> so I can just take to the backup server and copy it in place.
> Any way to do this?

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