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By default, only local administrators group and service account (an ordinary
user) have full permissions to upload directories. In addition, member of
local users group have read access.

If you want more, you can simply change permissions to whatever you want
(properties->Security). Make sure that you also set CYGWIN environment
variable to 'nontsec' via Control Panel->System->Advanced->Environment
variables->System variables.

Hope it helps.

Rgrds Tev

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NetWare 6 sp4 server to windows 2000 server using cwrsync 1.2.1

when the cwrsync service writes the files to the server it uses it's
own username and permissions.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to
how I can get this to write the files so common users and delete and
change stuff?  would the perverse permissions work with windows?


Matt Vorwald
Network Engineer
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