'Invalid cross-device link' message on sparc

Werner Augustin augustin at ira.uka.de
Tue Mar 16 09:44:22 GMT 2004

> If you want to use --link-dest, you will have to point to a place on the 
> same filesystem containing the stuff you're linking.
>      --link-dest=DIR         create hardlinks to DIR for unchanged files

Yes, I know. But what I was expecting was the behaviour I get on i386:
rsync should recognise that it can't use/recycle the file because it
is on a different filesystem and make a new copy. Source and
destination should be as identical as possible, no matter how
'useful' the data in the directory specified with '--link-dest'
is. Or at least I would expect an error message. As I mentioned
before, I am worried that the error code of the link system call is
only printed in verbose mode. I could imagine a dozen of horrible
things that could happen while rsync is running and it would be
important that the user gets a notice that something went wrong.

Werner Augustin

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