rsyncd without syslog

Tim Conway conway at
Mon Mar 15 15:14:36 GMT 2004

First, good luck with your dynamic data... it sounds like you might be 
wanting a distributed filesystem instead, but on to the question:

In your rsyncd.conf
log file = /dev/null
That stops sending to syslog, and throws away the log data (rather than 
storing it in a file).

Oh, and if you hadn't apologized, nobody would have guessed that you 
weren't a native speaker of English.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
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is it possible to use the rsyncd Daemon without any logging.

I would like to make a network synchronization on a specific directory in 
small network (10 Hosts) . These synchronisation should happen every 10 

My logfile increases to fast with the logging option therefore it is 
to use rsync without any logging.

Thanks for answering.

Please apologize my bad english. I hope you know what I mean.

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