suppressing motd without decreasing verbosity

Akop Pogosian akopps at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Mar 13 05:32:10 GMT 2004

Is there a way to make the rsync client suppress the motd without
suppressing other messages when connecting to an rsync server? What I
want is to run rsync from cron and have it produce output only when
any files have been downloaded or deleted and whenever errors have
happened.  Otherwise, I want it to be quiet. This doesn't seem to be
possible with rsync as of version 2.5.7.

When I use the -v option, the motd and file transfers are printed.
With either -q or -vq, nothing is printed. When I don't use any of
those options, then motd is printed but file transfer is not reported.
There doesn't seem to exist an option for reporting file transfers
only, or is there something I am missing?


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