some clarity Re: HFS+ resource forks: WIP patch included

D Andrew Reynhout reynhout at
Fri Mar 12 18:53:23 GMT 2004

On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 01:08:52PM -0500, D Andrew Reynhout wrote:
> If you convert the file to a single stream (AppleSingle), you
> have to change the filename on the destination, else you run the

Another problem with file conversion in-stream is what to do
with the converted file on the source system.  You could store
it as a tmp file somewhere, (bad, again creating the different
filename/sort order problem which seems to require a protocol
revision to solve) or you could hold it in memory (and possibly
create enormous memory requirements) and then patch all of the
functions that get file comparison info (size, ctime, mtime,
checksum, etc) to deal with memory blocks (even worse, and you
still create the same problem to safely put the new file into a
different filename on the destination).

Everything seems to rely on a 1-to-1 source-to-destination
filename-to-filename and diskfile-to-diskfile mapping.  The
only thing I've found that can vary between the two is the
basedir, and that's only set once for the entire flist.


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