Where is my bottleneck?

Steve Bonds knnf6cy7w001 at sneakemail.com
Thu Mar 11 17:32:45 GMT 2004

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004, Marc Abel m-abel-at-columbus.rr.com |Rsync List| wrote:

> I don't expect 100 Mbit/s by any means, but 2?  Is this typical?  What
> am I missing?

One good diagnostic would be to measure the network bandwidth between the
two systems directly.  I use netperf
(http://www.netperf.org/netperf/NetperfPage.html) which often reveals
problems with ethernet duplex, cabling, or switches.

If netperf tests great (i.e. 90+Mbit) I would next try a bare "scp" and
see what kind of throughput you get.

It's also possible that rsync is spending too much time looking for small
changes in a large file.  It may be faster to use "--whole-file".

  -- Steve

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