Where is my bottleneck?

Marc Abel m-abel at columbus.rr.com
Thu Mar 11 14:51:04 GMT 2004

Thanks to all three for your kindness.  Invoked as:

rsync -lave ssh --delete --delete-excluded \
    --exclude ".[!.]*" \
    /home/me me at majority:composite_bu

I did some looking around, and it seems like I haven't even installed
the daemons for rsh, telnet, etc.  (I'll follow up on this, but I can't
this morning.)  Likewise, running the straight rsync-to-rsync connection
is proving to need a little studying up.

I really did mean to say 2 Mbit/s.  About 10 Mbyte/min is all that I'm
getting.  I can understand ssh slowing things down a lot, but not
without seeing it get a lot of CPU time.  These are 1 GHz machines,
roughly, and they aren't getting slowed down.

Marc Abel
Powell, Ohio

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