some clarity Re: HFS+ resource forks: WIP patch included

Kevin Alexander Boyd kboyd at
Wed Mar 10 20:07:50 GMT 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, D Andrew Reynhout wrote:

> Yes.  I forgot to mention it, but for the moment, I'm accepting
> the loss of creator/type, icon, etc.  For now, all of that requires
> manual repair upon restoration. I would have tried to shoehorn it
> in, but I haven't thought of a way to do it without creating a new
> file on the local FS yet.  (part of the flist parity problem (and
> protocol compatibility preservation issue) I ran into...which may
> be mostly my lack of understanding..)
If these pieces are not handled at the initial sync, then they will be
lost.  This data cannot be recreated manually at a later date - unless you
are jotting the metadata info for each file down by hand.

> BTW, I'm very aware that creating my own convention for dealing
> with this problem is presumptuous at best, ill-conceived at worst.
At least you are trying!  That's always better than nothing.

> So I'm only using this for disaster-recovery purposes.  As such,
> I'm more willing to take certain hits (like the Finder metadata
> mentioned above, which can be fixed manually (or in some cases
> ignored)) than other people might be.
Every HFS+ file has finder metadata, and it must be stored somewhere in
order for the files to be correctly synced and/or restored.

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