rsync between gateway and workstation

Johan johansche at
Wed Mar 3 16:57:17 GMT 2004


Have one workstation
Have one gateway for access to internet
Connection between them by crossover cable.
Only this 2 boxes.
Want to copy the gateway /home/ directory to the workstation on  
Both sides of copy is on ext3.
Rsync is installed on both boxes ... both using Suse 9.0.
The users on both will be root in this case.
I only have this kind of setup for a week. Used to be standalone.

Kindly the full commandline command to accomplish this please..taking 
account the above directory/partition info.

don't seem to get it right myself, can use rsync on workstation to 
May this be a good day for learning
Registered Linux User #330034 - still learning

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