How to rsync only directories, no files inside ?

Tim Conway conway at
Mon Mar 1 17:13:39 GMT 2004

Rsync doesn't have a "-type" qualifier, but as I understand it, it now 
includes a "--files-from=" option.
find {path[s]} -type d -print |rsync --perms --owner --group --times 
--links --files-from=- {path[s]} {destinationhost}:
Actually, I've just learned that --files-from turns off --recursive in 
--archive, so
find {path[s]} -type d -print |rsync -a --files-from=- {path[s]} 
Or, if you're putting them in a different place
(cd {rootpath}; find {path[s]} -type d -print) |rsync -a --files-from=- 
{rootpath} {destinationhost}:{destinationpath}

Incidentally, kudos to whoever's doing the man pages now.  This feature 
was suggested but unimplemented last time I used rsync, and now it's 
clearly explained, in detail, with useful examples.

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02/29/2004 11:11 AM
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How to rsync only directories, no files inside ?

I need to create a lot of directories, just the same with remote's /var,
but I only need the directories, the files inside those sub-directories in
/var/ are not necessary for me.
I know "find+cp" can do, but I would like to use the archive mode, i.e. I
need the original permision, owner, group...
Can I make it using rsync ? If so, please tell me how.
Thank you in advance.
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