SEGV using --delete and multiple sources

Ernie Oporto ernieoporto at
Tue Jun 29 16:08:43 GMT 2004

When attempting to sync multiple sources to a single area, 

    /fs/lib# ls
    ./  ../  bin/  founder/  skill/  var/

I want to combine these four rsyncs

    /usr/local/bin/rsync --exclude '.snapshot' --stats -v
--bwlimit=1024 --delete -atz 'host::lib/bin' .
    /usr/local/bin/rsync --exclude '.snapshot' --stats -v
--bwlimit=1024 --delete -atz 'host::lib/var' .
    /usr/local/bin/rsync --exclude '.snapshot' --stats -v
--bwlimit=1024 --delete -atz 'host::lib/skill' .
    /usr/local/bin/rsync --exclude '.snapshot' --stats -v
--bwlimit=1024 --delete -atz 'host::lib/founder' .

into one

/fs/lib# /usr/local/bin/rsync --exclude '.snapshot' --stats -v
--bwlimit=1024 --delete -atz 'host::lib/bin' 'host::lib/var'
'host::lib/skill' 'host::lib/founder' .
receiving file list ... done
mkdir "/fs/lib/host::lib/var" failed: No such file or directory
rsync error: error in file IO (code 11) at main.c(346)

Obviously my call is wrong, but how can I do the above?  Is the
--delete the restriction or am I missing another flag?

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