--delete-after does not work

Ilya N. Golubev gin at mo.msk.ru
Fri Jun 25 11:13:44 GMT 2004

rsync version 2.4.6  protocol version 24

Created local copy of remote directory by:

rsync -az cvs.xemacs.org::xemacscvs/XEmacs/packages/xemacs-packages/auctex/ $local_dir;

Created additional file in local copy of that directory and `touch
0101000000' it.

The following command

rsync -avvz --delete-after cvs.xemacs.org::xemacscvs/XEmacs/packages/xemacs-packages/auctex/ $local_dir;

did not remove it.  When using `--delete' instead, file is removed.

Removements of files in this particular remote directory (or any other
cvs repository) are normal.  They occur when cvs history files move
from their initial directory to its `Attic' subdir.  `--delete-after'
leaves both old and new file, making the local copy incorrect.

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