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Paulo da Silva psdasilva at
Fri Jun 25 00:37:16 GMT 2004

Hello rsync list subscribers!

I posted the message I'm resending below some time ago to mbp.
I didn't get any response. A couple of days ago, I found it in this list 

I also could read a response there about using zlibc. I think zlibc does not
do what I want. 1st. it is a readonly system. 2nd. it does not deals with
links very well. rsync is very appropriate to copy a whole disk, including
the root. We can also use a compress flag to get files compressed before
being sent thru a communication mean. I think that small changes, for those
who know the program internals, could increase it's power by allowing files
to be left compressed on the destination.

For example, I have a mirror of my system disk. Unfortunateley, I need to
have it decompressed. This takes a lot of space. I only need it to restore
my working disk. I could have it compressed if rsync allowed me to do that.

So, I decided to subscribe the list and repost the message in
the hope it deserves some comments from you. Thanks.



1st. of all thank you for mantaining this very useful program.
It helps me a lot in a lot of tasks that would be otherwise very
tedious and time consuming.

However, I think that a small feature could make it yet more
powerfull when used as a backup tool.
The idea was to have a switch so that files could be kept
compressed at the destination. These compressed files could
be then restored the same way specifing a switch telling that
source files are to be uncompressed.
Files with known extensions (.gz, .zip, ...) should not be
All files must keep the original names unchanged.

   export RSYNC_COMPRESSED_EXTS=".gz .zip ..." ;# Extensions from files 
not to be compressed
   rsync -av --delete --zip MyDir/ BackupDir
   rsync -av --delete --unzip BackupDir/ MyDir

This is only a sugestion. You may find a better solution.

Thank you.
Paulo da Silva

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