Multiple --compare-dest args again

Vidar Madsen vidarino at
Wed Jun 23 08:07:07 GMT 2004

Thanks for your comments. :)

I'll throw in another usage example, while I'm at it. I have several
machines, all of which I'm backup with rsync. When I upgrade or
install something, it will usually be done on all the machines, as
they are supposed to be somewhat identical.

What I'd like to do is this;
  rsync --link-dest=machine1 --link-dest=machine2 ...
rsync://machine3/.../ machine3/

This will, in many cases, save the transfer of all the changes files.
As soon as machine1 is backed up, the rest will get a match on the
hardlink. (This will also speed up the first and initial backup, by
the way. All machines but the first would be hardlink almost in its

Anyway, thanks again for yours comments. Maybe the patch is really not
necessary, but it would save me a lot of post-processing. :)
(Currently I have a script that scans the backups for files to
hardlink, a rather lengthy process.)


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