error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(165)

Francis Montagnac Francis.Montagnac at
Mon Jun 21 18:13:08 GMT 2004

> I am recieving a connection unexpectedly closed error while trying to 
> sync a directory on two machines.  Rsync is in my path on both 
> machines.  I am using ssh and I can connect to the server fine through 
> ssh.  I am using a vpn but have no problems connecting to any of the 
> servers with it.  This is the full error message I get:

> Remote Machine: Connection refused

This looks like an rsh or ssh problem.

Old versions of rsync uses by default rsh while the recent ones uses ssh.

> rsync -r --timeout=600 user at remote machine:/opt/u91/scripts/sqlpath/* 
> /home/oracle/sqlpath

Try this instead to see precisely what command rsync runs on the remote

rsync -vv -r --timeout=600 user at remote machine:/opt/u91/scripts/sqlpath/ \

If your version of rsync uses rsh, force then to use ssh vith:


Note: It's better to use sqlpath/ instead of sqlpath/* in your command:

  o  To prevent an eventual arg list too long on the remote
  o  To be able to use --delete if you want an exact mirror of the
sqlpath directory

You may also want to use the --archive option.

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