DU and Hard Links?

Max Kipness mkipness at geniant.com
Sat Jun 19 18:55:02 GMT 2004


I'm doing a 30 day rotational backup using rysnc.

If I go to the root of the backup directory and use: du --max-depth=1
-h, it gives me the actual space being taken up by each incremental
directory, the space being taken by the current directory, and then the
total of all.

For example:

44G	/Current
1G	/06-20-2004
750M 	/06-19-2004
70G	Total

But what I would like to do is automatically get the size of the last
created hard linked directory daily through a script. But in the example
above, if I move into one of the sub directories, like /06-20-2004, and
run: du -sh, it gives me a total of 44G. This is the size of the actual
files including the hard links. I'm looking for the 1G or so figure
without having to run du from the root, which understandably takes a
long time.


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