Q: rsync examples, missing parameters?

bzels123 bzels123 at free.fr
Thu Jun 17 14:39:41 GMT 2004


I'm adapting the first script (backup to a central backup server with 7 day
incremental) from http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/examples.html web site
and ported it to Windows XP, as I need to save my files incrementally over
a week.

Script (Windows XP):
C:\rsync2>rsync --force --delete --backup 
--backup-dir=/home/bart2/backup/Thu  -ave ssh
bart2 at 
So for testing purpose, on my laptop under Windows XP I changes date 
earlier this Week
ans so on over 4 days, and on each day I modify some files and 
directories, create some
new files and directories, ....

My problem is that in /home/bart2/backup/%day% where %day% is 
only files that existed before and modified on another day are backed 
up. Neither new
files nor directories are backed up, how come?

I suppose the script is doing his duty, but maybe I'm missing some 
parameters to save also new files
and directories in a recursive way?

PS: the "/home/bart2/backup/backfull/" is actually saving new files and 
directories. so I do not
       understand why in an incremental way it is different.

Thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,

Bart Zelsmann.

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