rsycnc copies all files

Gareth gareth at
Fri Jun 18 07:57:08 GMT 2004

Tim Conway wrote:

>Use "-a" unless there's a reason you need to retain different permissions, 
>owners, etc..
Okay - Thanks

>I don't know the nature of your filesystems, but I have a guess... on at 
>least one end is a network filesystem - NFS, SMB, NCP, AFS, something like 
I was actually testing locally, but plan to use NFS eventually when I'm 
more familiar with rsync.

>rsync has the "-W", or "--whole-file" option, which tells it that 
>there's no point in trying to read the file for changes - if it needs 
>transferring, just send the whole thing, because the LAN overhead will 
>waste the savings in WAN. 
I was looking for the opposite of this :-) Wayne kindly pointed it out, 

I guess this should only be used for low bandwidth WAN connections?

Tim - Thanks for your help, and for taking the time to show a sample 
run. Much appreciated.


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