Rsync, Cygwin, & SSH: ntsec OR nontsec?

Brian b_rose at
Fri Jun 18 02:36:59 GMT 2004

Hi all,
Thank-you to all the developers for rsync.  It is 
very well done.

I have rsync running on various platforms 
connecting to the same server and all is good. 
Except for 1 Win2000 Prof. server.   I backup 
several directories with various permissions and 
users successfully.  However, there are 2 
directories that even though the permissions are 
the same as other directories that are backed up, 
these 2 get "permission denied" every time.  Rsync 
resets the server side permissions on these 2 
directories to "d---------".  So, I change the 
settings to 777 and rsync changes them back.  Does 
this have something to do with cygwin=ntsec or 
nontsec?  I am not using either of them right 
now--should I?  Also, I heard ssh has a problem 
with one of these settings.  Is that still the case?

Suggestions, please?


Client Info:
Windows 2000 Sever Prof.
rsync on client 2.6
cygwin 1005.6.0.0

Server Info:
Debian Sarge using rsync 2.6 (no daemon mode)

Backup .bat file:

rem ------------------- These change for each client.

set USER=<Server_Login_Name>
set USER_IP=<SourceIP>
set BKUP_SRC=/cygdrive/c/foo-dir

rem ------------------- These should not 

set INST_DIR=rsync_backup
set CYGWIN=binmode tty
set TERM=ansi
set REMOTE=<serverIP>
set BKUP_DEST=data/
set LOG_DEST=backup_stats/
set LOG_FILE=/cygdrive/c/%INST_DIR%/home_rsync.log
set BKUP_BKUP_DIR=backup_backups/

rem ------------------- The commands.

date /T > c:\rsync_backup\home_rsync.log

rem Following is on one line
rsync -auvzbpt --partial --modify-window=5 
--backup-dir=%BKUP_BKUP_DIR% --rsh="ssh -p 
<serverPort> -i 
/cygdrive/c/%INST_DIR%/.ssh/id_rsync -l %USER%" 
[%%p] <recv<%USER_IP%<%USER%<%%f<%%l<%%b" 

rem On one line
rsync -Wvv --rsh="ssh  -p <serverPort> -i 
/cygdrive/c/%INST_DIR%/.ssh/id_rsync -l %USER%" 

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