Truly awful rsync docs - Re: real Newbie query sorry!

Tim Conway conway at
Thu Jun 17 19:01:27 GMT 2004

<none of Mr. Halliday's rambling, insulting post quoted>
It's an open project, and there's lots of work to be done besides 
programming.   I'm sure a nice manual for the technically-challenged would 
be welcomed.  Most users of rsync posess great technical competence, and 
aside from unavoidable language issues(we didn't all grow up in OZ, UK, 
NZ, or US), they find their way through to the parts they need, and get 
extra guidance from this list for the more arcane features and for the 
normal mental blocks (It's amazing how many people unconsciously edit "::" 
to ":" when they read how to access an rsyncd).  PHB-types will probably 
require a GUI, with audio prompts and lots of pretty colors, and still not 
know what to do with it.  People do write such wrappers.

Show us what you write.  It's of no interest to me for my own use, but I 
will set aside the time to read it for the project.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
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