Rsync security

Andrew Smith-MAGAZINES andrew.smith.06 at
Wed Jun 16 15:34:46 GMT 2004

My personal preference was to mount a share from the file server on the client and essentially do the sync all locally on the client but rsync doesn't seem to like doing this very much (apparently this is advised against),

What doesn't rsync like?  Do you mean something like a rsync between a
local mount and a locally-mounted NFS export?  That should be fine.

Hi Chris, yes this is exactly what I mean. When I tested this it threw up lots of errors.
A collegue of mine asked the question of MIT who developed the rsyncx version and they said:

#This problem has been noted.  The rsync developers recommend only local 
#mounts for rsyncs, or using the rsync network transports (or ssh) for 
#remote rsyncs.  As of v1.7d, ssh is the fastest form of rsync to perform.

If you think it should work ok, then I'll test it again,

thanks for your comments, Andy.

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