Need information about "--stats" output.

Collins, Kevin KCollins at
Wed Jun 16 15:16:30 GMT 2004

Hi All...

I use rsync to backup most of my servers to an offsite co-located server.
I've been using this setup for about a month or so now and have been
generally pleased with the operation as a whole.

But one thing bothers me:

I use the following command to actually do the transfers:

rsync -ae ssh --stats --delete /source/path

Which then in turn spits out something like this to my log file:
rsync[23169] (sender) heap statistics:
  arena:       17339064   (bytes from sbrk)
  ordblks:          509   (chunks not in use)
  smblks:             2
  hblks:              2   (chunks from mmap)
  hblkhd:       1294336   (bytes from mmap)
  usmblks:            0
  fsmblks:           80
  uordblks:    17180952   (bytes used)
  fordblks:      158112   (bytes free)
  keepcost:      132840   (bytes in releasable chunk)

Number of files: 161530
Number of files transferred: 327
Total file size: 97936829135 bytes
Total transferred file size: 945709165 bytes
Literal data: 741315984 bytes
Matched data: 204393181 bytes
File list size: 3446549
Total bytes written: 745547229
Total bytes read: 1090478

wrote 745547229 bytes  read 1090478 bytes  87035.93 bytes/sec total size is
97936829135  speedup is 131.17

The problem is:  I don't know exactly how much it transferred offsite.

Can someone please explain the output shown above to me...or point me to a
site that can.  I've searched Google, the man page, and the documentation
and nothing can tell me what this information means.

Thanks in advance...

Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc. 

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