[Bug 1442] rsync sender appears to hang when receiver recounters an error

samba-bugs at samba.org samba-bugs at samba.org
Tue Jun 15 23:33:22 GMT 2004


------- Additional Comments From Marc.Herbert at free.fr  2004-06-15 16:33 -------
I met a similar issue with rsync 2.6.2 at both ends.

Because of some silly partitioning mistake of mine, it took me very long to realize that the destination disk was completely full. One thing is sure: rsync did not help met _at all_ realize that. Instead of emitting some "disk error/full" message as one could hope, it just silently _hung_ (both sender and receiver sleeping on select().

As soon as some space was freed on the destination, everything was fine: I am almost sure that small socket buffers and deadlocks were totally unrelated to my "hanging rsync" problem. It seems to be only an issue of error handling.

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