strange rsync error message from our backup script

Louis-David Mitterrand vindex at
Tue Jun 15 08:00:56 GMT 2004


I use rsync for incrmental backups in the following way:

	rsync \
		-e ssh \
		--archive \
		--numeric-ids \
		--compress \
		--relative \
		--one-file-system \
		--cvs-exclude \
		--delete \
		--delete-excluded \
		--bwlimit=0 \
		--backup \
		--suffix='' \
		--backup-dir=$BACKUP_ROOT/$BACKUP_HOST/${TODAY} \

It used to work fine but since I've upgraded to 2.6.2 from 2.5.x I get
the following error messages:

make_bak_dir mkdir "/backup/ Settings/Application Data" failed: File exists
make_bak_dir mkdir "/backup/ Settings" failed: File exists
make_bak_dir mkdir "/backup/" failed: File exists

The backup operation itself doesn't seem to be affected but I am
wondering why these messages appear.

Thanks in advance for you insight,

"I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception."
-- Groucho Marx ~

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