Wallace Matthews wmatthews at
Mon Jun 14 17:50:53 GMT 2004

Thanks Wayne, I did as you suggested and found that the remote system does NOT use
/home/wally/rsync/rsync-2.6.2/rsync which is what I had in my Command Line and what was
in my xxx.rsync_arvs file. This explained some of the weird behavior I was seeing. 
I had a 2.6.2 local system working with a 2.5.7 remote system.

I have updated all my servers to 2.6.2 and I will rerun my scripts. Hopefully, I will see
improved results.


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On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 09:22:45AM -0400, Wallace Matthews wrote:
> Could it be simply using "rsync" and using an older "rsync" that
> happens to be installed and in the path??

That's the normal case if you don't use the --rsync-path=/PATH/rsync
option to tell rsync what program to run.  It is easy to determine this
for yourself by using -vv (and a nice small transfer) because rsync
tells you exactly what command it is running.


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