reporting a bug

Wallace Matthews wmatthews at
Fri Jun 11 18:31:56 GMT 2004

problem with --backup

I am doing this the old fashioned way via e-mail. 

I deal with Bugzilla too much and would prefer to not open yet another bugzilla account that generates more e-mail that I dont need to sift through, especially when it looks very similar to in-house bugzilla stuff.

I am running rsync 2.6.2 as it is downloaded with only the --bwlimit patch supplied by Wayne via e-mail distribution.
I running on 2 different servers that have redhat 9.1 as the OS. The command line is:

/home/wally/rsync/rsync-2.6.2/rsync -av --rsh=rsh --backup --stats --block-size=100000 /test/Kibbutz/ feldor://test/Kibbutz

/home/wally is a shared mount from another redhat 9.1 system. I am moving files from server X to server feldor.

I have a telnet session open on feldor and it is at /test/Kibbutz and I am doing "ls -ahs" to monitor the progress of the synch.

Before the synch is 29Gigabytes in size. /test/Kibbutz/ is 101 Megabytes in size.

Just prior to completion the "ls -ahs" gives me 29G 88M
Back on X, stout has "building file list ... done \\\n"
I do another "ls -ahs" and it gives me 29G 101M 72M

On X I get my stats and a command prompt

On feldor, I do "ls -ahs" again and get
101M and101M


What appears to be happening is that the file renaming is happening twice and I get 2 copies of the 101M file and loose the backup
copy of the 29G original. Note that the middle "ls -ahs" shows the 29G file properly named but evidently there is a copy of the 101M file in process ( and I suspect that it is renamed as and the already completed is moved to and I loose the original.


This has happened a couple of times, The first time was with the same command line without the --block-size= option, and twice since with 2 different values of the --block-size. I am pretty sure that --block-size isnt involved. I have only started using the --backup a few hours ago so I have no idea if this always happens or it is sensitive to what I am doing.

This may have already been reported. If so, I apologize for bringing it up again. 


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