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In the case your problem is caused by open files :
AFAIK, as all other well-behaved backup solutions, rsync does not handle
open files. They must be excluded some way or another.

If you use Windows 2003, "openfiles" command gives you a list of open
files. Output from this command can be used to generate an exclude-list
that may comfort rsync.

In the case your problem is due to lack of permissions :
Make sure that rsync user account has read permissions to directory
structure you want to backup.

Rgrds Tev

> Hello everybody
> I use cwrsync in a mixed servers network to make backup.
> I have a problem with Windows perms when rsync makes backups from Windows
> directorys like /winnt or /Documents and Settings. Rsync starts his job,
> but
> anytime when the console shows a message like this: "opendir "Area NET"
> (in
> unitd) failed: Permission denied" the job stop and the backup is
> uncompleted...
> The params I use
> are: -av --stats --backup --force --ignore-errors --timeout=3600
> Then rsync stop his job (doesn´t ignore the mistake however I have
> the --ignore-errors option activate). The question is: must I surrender
> and
> use the --exclude option and lost the copy of these directory? or ¿is
> there
> other soluction?.
> Thank you very much from Spain.
> José Luis Poza
> pozaj at
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