rsync server complaining about vanishing files while they are not.

Hans Deragon hans at
Tue Jun 8 01:32:56 GMT 2004

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Wayne Davison wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 07, 2004 at 04:30:56PM -0400, Hans Deragon wrote:
>>As seen above, they are absolute, but there is no NFS mounting involved
> You're probably running the rsync daemon with "chroot = yes" then.  If
> the files are inside the chroot area, you can switch the symlinks to be
> relative and they will work.  If they are outside the chroot area,
> you'll have to turn chroot off.
> ..wayne..

Greetings again.

 I am at home now, so I will check this tomorrow (I am not the one who
configured rsyncd.conf).  But if you are right, would it be possible to have
rsync spit out a different error message for this circumstance?  A "vanishing"
message does not describe the problem.  If the link exist, could rsync verify
if the symlink is absolute and if chroot is on?  If both conditions are true,
a more appropriate message could be printed.  A message which would not cause
a newbie like me to post. :)

Thanks for the quick support.
Hans Deragon
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