help with cwrsync

José Luis Poza pozaj at
Mon Jun 7 08:18:18 GMT 2004

Hello everybody

I use cwrsync in a mixed servers network to make backup.

I have a problem with Windows perms when rsync makes backups from Windows
directorys like /winnt or /Documents and Settings. Rsync starts his job, but
anytime when the console shows a message like this: "opendir "Area NET" (in
unitd) failed: Permission denied" the job stop and the backup is

The params I use
are: -av --stats --backup --force --ignore-errors --timeout=3600

Then rsync stop his job (doesn´t ignore the mistake however I have
the --ignore-errors option activate). The question is: must I surrender and
use the --exclude option and lost the copy of these directory? or ¿is there
other soluction?.

Thank you very much from Spain.

José Luis Poza
pozaj at

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