rsync preserving symlinks on mirror

Keld Jørn Simonsen keld at
Thu Jun 3 17:23:33 GMT 2004


I am using rsync succesfully to maintain my mirrors.
I have one problem, tho.

To improve speeds of my filesystems, I have created a raid 0
of 4 disks, and I place the most heavily copied disks there.
The fs has subdirectories, one for each set of typically .iso files,
such as Mandrakelinux or fedora. I would like to be able to just do a
symlink from the original tree to the directory on the raid, 
but rsync deletes this symlink and the copies the .iso files again.

I have asked other rsync users, and they have the same problem.
What I do now, is to mount the raid directory on the mirror tree, but
that is ugly, as I cannot unmount it again, unless the raid fs is idle,
which seldom happens:-( 

Any good suggestions? Have I overlooked a subtle option in rsync that
does this for me?

best regards

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