Terry Dooher tdooher.lists at
Thu Jun 3 16:27:54 GMT 2004

I had this problem trying to script an unattended backup. (rsync 2.6.1 
on cygwin)

I found that if you need to pass command line arguments to ssh you need 
to use:

rsync --rsh="ssh -i key"

Using -e, if I remember it correctly, just tries to execute a command 
called "ssh -i key" which, obviously, doesn't exist. I think this is a 
feature rather than a bug, though. Maybe :)


> hello
> i looked in google , faq etc but didnt found a answer.
> sorry if i overseen something.
> how i can auth. via a hostkey without make a config in ~/.ssh
> normaly ssh has support with ssh -i /keyfile is there any way to combine it
> via rsync , with
> rsync -e "ssh -i key" ..etc etc does not work
> thx bye

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