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Patrick Larkin plarkin at
Wed Jun 2 20:10:38 GMT 2004

Hello -

I am attempting to test rsync on a series of 8 MacOS X servers.  On my 
initial test, I configured one machine as the "sender" and one machine 
to "receive."

On the "sending" machine, I created an rsyncd.conf file.  On the 
"receiving" machine, I issued the command

	rsync --daemon

To which I got no error messages.

On the "sending" machine, I typed:

	[nc-40:~] admin% rsync --verbose --stats --progress --recursive mydir

Where "home" is defined in the "sending" machines rsyncd.conf file.

I get the following message after rsync fails to do anything:

rsync: failed to connect to Connection refused
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at 

Should rysnc show up in the process list when running in daemon mode?  
After I type "rsync --daemon" and then run "ps | grep rsync" nothing 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Patrick Larkin
Bethlehem Area School District

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