Bug reporting

John john at Corridors.wa.edu.au
Tue Jun 1 13:27:17 GMT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Martin Pool wrote:

> On  1 Jun 2004, John Summerfield <john at Corridors.wa.edu.au> wrote:
> > The jitterbug link on http://rsync.samba.org/nobugs.html no longer works. I 
> > suggest it either be fixed or removed.
> Thanks, fixed.
> > You make bug-reporting needlessly difficult, I think. I dislike the need to 
> > subscribe to a mailing-list and potentially receive lots of email that 
> > doesn't interest me. I have plenty of other email to keep me amused.
> I don't think you need to subscribe to post.  I put the address
> directly on the nobugs page to make it easier for people to write to
> it.  Did you have any other suggestions about how to make it better?

Well, make it look like it's not a list? Most lists don't allow non-members to
post, it's too easy to assume that this is the same.

> The reason we took Jitterbug and faq-o-matic down is that people
> seemed to get help more promptly when they wrote to the list.

Cool. The way it was as confusing to noone's benefit.

> > What I wanted most to do is ensure you know about rsyncx and consider working 
> > with the authors to create a unified product that supports resource forks 
> > when built on OSX.
> > 
> > See http://www.macosxlabs.org./rsyncx/rsyncx.html
> > 
> > Their CVS repository is at http://www.opendarwin.org
> > 
> > It seems a shame to have two projects where one will do.
> Well, sometimes there are reasons not to glom everything into one big
> program.

That may be so, but I don't think this is one of them. rsyncx is bound to have
all rsync's bugs. Qute possibly some will be fixed first there, and it may be
they will add valuable new features. One that I think would be nice is an
automatic retry: I keep getting timeouts transferring between two ADSL accounts
and I've not decide whether to blame Arachnet (the ISP at both ends) or rsync
or even to suppose I'm expecting too much.

wget has an option to automatically retry after timeouts, and it would
certainly be useful to me if rsync did too.

I may well decide to implement that myself: if I do, it would probably be in
rsyncx if I decide that is where it would best suit me.

Enough. I'm typing on a remote machine over an overtaxed dialup line:-(


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