I20 Drivers Crash system when used with Rsync

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue Jun 1 09:20:44 GMT 2004

On 30 May 2004, "Dennis R. Gesker" <gesker at alamon.com> wrote:
> Note: I don't know if this is a problem withe I20 drivers or Rsync so 
> I'm submitting to both the Kernel Bugzilla and the Rsync mailing list. I 
> couldn't find a bugzilla for Rsync. I hope this was the correct way to 
> submit this issue.
> Distribution: Debian
> Hardware Environment: Intel 850MV Mother board, Pentium 4 processor, 
> 1Gig of RAM, Adaptec 2400A RAID Controler. Both the motherboard and 
> Controller card have the most recent BIOS/firmware installed. The 
> Adaptec card is capable of RAID configuration but currently it is 
> configured to view each of the attached IDE drives as individual drives. 
> None of the cards RAID features are presently beeing used. Network is 
> 100MB/s Switched Ethernet. Network cables and connects have been tested 
> and verified.
> Software Environment: Very basic/vanilla Debian system install (Sid 
> branch). Software package is rsync.
> Problem Description: When transfering many sometimes large files (>3Gig 
> in some cases)for backup purposes using rsync either via an ssh shell or 
> rsync server the I20 drivers cause a kernel panic. The system seems to 
> report increases in queue depth, shortly afterward the system completely 
> hangs indicating a kernel panic.

A kernel panic is by definition a kernel bug, not an application bug.

Good luck! :-)

p.s. kernel bug reports ought to say what kernel you're using.

> Steps to reproduce: Transfer files using rsync. Last specific command 
> issued at prompt that reproduced this error was:
> "rsync --bwlimit=2048 -vv -r -e ssh --delete --exclude lost+found 
> rsync://root@white.alamon.com:873:/bu/area1/blue/* /bu/area1/blue
> "
> This error does not seem to occour when transferrring the same file set 
> using cp  over nfs or scp. However, this does happen using rsync over nfs.
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