Problem related to time-stamp

shubhra dutt shubhradutt at
Fri Jul 30 09:49:16 GMT 2004


I m facing problem in "rsync" rtelated to the
time-stamp of the files.
Im using rsync for transfering the file from my m/c
(OS :jaluna-linux) to a remote m/c(OS:jaluna-linux)
and even if there was no change in the files on my
m/c, when i rsync them to remote m/c the time-stamp of
the file on remote m/c (which i transfered from my
m/c) will change.

my file name is bigfile and it is present on both
m/c(my as well as remote and both are same).

669 Jul 30 15:11 bigfile(on my m/c)
669 Jul 30 15:08 bigfile (on remote m/c)

(both the files have same name and same contants)

then i use rsync on my m/c to transfer bigfile on

rsync bigfile IpAddress:/home/guest/sdutt

after rsync the time-stamp of the files changed

669 Jul 30 15:11 bigfile(on my m/c)

669 Jul 30 15:19 bigfile(on remote m/c)

Kindly tell me the rez behind the change of time-stamp


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