HP-UX 11i and largefiles on rsync 2.6.2

Don Malloy nixuser23 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 23 16:16:02 GMT 2004

It still shows as bad breakpoint..

server2 # ./gdb /archive1/rsync 6835
HP gdb 2.1
Copyright 1986 - 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Wildebeest 2.1 (based on GDB 5.0-hpwdb-20000630)
Wildebeest is free software, covered by the GNU General Public License, and
you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain
conditions.  Type "show copying" to see the conditions.  There is
absolutely no warranty for Wildebeest.  Type "show warranty" for details.
Wildebeest was built for PA-RISC 1.1 or 2.0 (narrow), HP-UX 11.00.
/archive1/6835: No such file or directory.
Attaching to program: /archive1/rsync, process 6835
Reading symbols from /archive1/./rsync...done.
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/libc.2...done.
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/libdld.2...done.

warning: reading `r3' register: No data
0xc020ccd0 in _select_sys () from /usr/lib/libc.2
(gdb) enable _exit_cleanup
warning: bad breakpoint number at or near '_exit_cleanup'
(gdb) enable exit_cleanup
warning: bad breakpoint number at or near 'exit_cleanup'

Do you have any other ideas for the naming of the breakpoint?


>From: Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org>
>To: Don Malloy <nixuser23 at hotmail.com>
>CC: rsync at lists.samba.org
>Subject: Re: HP-UX 11i and largefiles on rsync 2.6.2
>Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:29:23 -0700
>On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 04:27:57PM -0400, Don Malloy wrote:
> > server2 # ./rsync  -a --progress --stats file1.db /var/opt/ignite
>What I want is the backtrace when the rsync that is failing dies so we
>can (hopefully) figure out why it is dying.  In the above command the
>client should be the sender, so it appears to be receiving side that is
>dying.  Unfortunately that means that there are two processes to choose
>from (the two higher-numbered ones).  The best thing to do would be to
>attach a debugger to both of them (each in a separate window).  Set a
>break-point at _exit_cleanup (I forgot that the function is really named
>with a leading underscore because of some macro shenanigans), and then
>tell it to "c"ontinue.  You'll be able to get a backtrace of what each
>program was doing when it either died from a signal or chose to exit.
>You can look around a bit too (e.g. move "up", "l"ook around, and
>"p"rint some variables).

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