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Jason Haar Jason.Haar at
Fri Jul 23 02:15:04 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 02:30:04PM -0700, Wayne Davison wrote:
> That's what the --partial option indicates, though it does move the
> partial file into place awaiting the next transfer (it does not auto-
> resume).

..and would crash the box if that was an OS file...

This has been discussed before: is there any intention of a "new improved"
"--partial" option whereby any failed uploads are kept as temp files (e.g.
maybe with ".rsync-partial/" subdirs?), and restarted on next try? That
would completely solve that problem... 

We use rsync to replicate files between Linux and Windows over tempermental
WAN links, and it grates that we can't use the "--partial" as the final file
must either be out of date or up to date - not "corrupt".

I know this sort of thing can be kludged with mixtures of "--temp-dir" and
ssh to move-on-completely - but that is definitely a kludge and assumes you
have (or want!) ssh access onto the rsync server.


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