Files to short after transfer

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at
Thu Jul 22 14:03:26 GMT 2004


  I am experiencing a problem with rsync. The symptom is that rsync does
  not seem to notice that the file at the target side is shorter then the
  source one and then does not update the file. This leaves me with
  corrupted files at the target side. Now, this does not happen all the 
  time but only for few files. My environment:
  - rsync 2.6.2 on Tru64 unix 5.1
  - I am copying from a local file system to an AFS file system. 
  - My command line: rsync  -ruzv /home/TRICS/data/2004/ \
  - The file size is several MB. The files are frequently appended to
    by our instrument control software. There may be a reading/writing
    synchronisation problem. 
  - If I delete the file at the target end, a rerun of rsync copies it
  As this does not happen very often this must be quite difficult to track
  down. Any ideas how to get this sorted? I think rsync should notice that
  files are of different size and copy them then. 

             Best Regards,

			Mark Koennecke

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