Proposal: cache directory tagging convention

Anthony Iano-Fletcher Anthony.Iano-Fletcher at
Tue Jul 20 14:31:47 GMT 2004

Hello Bryan et al,

A while back John Bowman released a more general solution to
this problem. He added an extra option:
that caused rsync to take notice of a per-directory excludes file.

Your problem is solved by this patch. Run rsync with
--rsync-exclude=.backup and place a .backup file in the cache directory
excluding the cache file. This is exactly what I do.

Was this patch ever rolled into the main line distribution?



On 20 Jul 2004 at 15:15:28, Bryan Ford wrote:
> Hi rsync'ers,
> I'm soliciting feedback, discussion, and hopefully eventually support for a 
> (currently very short and simple) proposal that would make it easier and more 
> automatic for users to exclude from backups and other data transfers all the 
> cache directories that various applications create and manage, such as 
> Mozilla's web cache.  The idea is simple: if applications that create and 
> manage cache directories establish the convention of writing a certain 
> standardized and easily recognized "tag" file within their cache directories, 
> then data management utilities such as rsync can easily recognize such 
> directories and, if so configured by the user, automatically exclude them 
> from transfers.  (For example, via a new pair of rsync options, 
> "--exclude-caches" and "--include-caches".)  My preliminary write-up of the 
> proposal is here:
> I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas.  I don't currently know of an 
> appropriate place for open, "multicast" discussion of such a proposal, but 
> let me know if you do - or I can set one up if there's interest.
> Thanks very much for your time!
> Bryan
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