Proposal: cache directory tagging convention

Bryan Ford baford at
Tue Jul 20 13:15:28 GMT 2004

Hi rsync'ers,

I'm soliciting feedback, discussion, and hopefully eventually support for a 
(currently very short and simple) proposal that would make it easier and more 
automatic for users to exclude from backups and other data transfers all the 
cache directories that various applications create and manage, such as 
Mozilla's web cache.  The idea is simple: if applications that create and 
manage cache directories establish the convention of writing a certain 
standardized and easily recognized "tag" file within their cache directories, 
then data management utilities such as rsync can easily recognize such 
directories and, if so configured by the user, automatically exclude them 
from transfers.  (For example, via a new pair of rsync options, 
"--exclude-caches" and "--include-caches".)  My preliminary write-up of the 
proposal is here:

I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and ideas.  I don't currently know of an 
appropriate place for open, "multicast" discussion of such a proposal, but 
let me know if you do - or I can set one up if there's interest.

Thanks very much for your time!

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