Growing file

Milutin Voinivich team at
Sat Jul 17 15:38:07 GMT 2004


rsync gzip file in not so good idea!
Because of gzip algorithm, a small use change of the original file will
cause a big change of the gzip file.
That's mean rsync will copy the whole file after each change! , not what you
really want !
To over come this you can use special version on gzip, it can be fund in the
patch CSV directory or in


Milutin Voinivich

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Subject: Growing file

> Hello,
>       What would be the expected behaviour of rsync, synchronizing a file
> that is changing in size.
> If I have a file ( say 100G ) that is being gzipped, and I start an rsync
> that file system to a remote
> location, would rsync just send the data of that gzip file that exists on
> disk at that point in time,
> or would it keep looping seeing that the file is changing.
> Thanks,
> Sameer

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