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Chuck Wolber chuckw at
Sat Jul 17 06:26:25 GMT 2004

On Fri, 16 Jul 2004, Chuck Wolber wrote:

> >  5. I want to know If rsync Server is receiving the data of around 1 
> > GB every day what is harware configuration recommended for the better 
> > performance.
> We maintain just under 1TB per server with 20 or 30 backup targets and 
> don't see the load average (admittedly a poor measure of performance) 
> exceed 4.0.

Sorry, I doubt that the above is terribly useful without a rundown of 
what's under the hood. Our servers are all single processor Athlon XP 
boxes. Speeds range from 1700+ to 2200+. RAM is usually in the 
neighborhood of 768MB to 1GB.


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