discrepancy in file count

Wayne Davison wayned at samba.org
Mon Jul 12 06:56:10 GMT 2004

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 10:34:22AM -0400, Jim Salter wrote:
> And there are my "untransferred files" - they're all the directories in 
> my backup set.

It's an unintentional side-effect of how directories are handled that
they aren't counted in the transferred-file stats, even if they got
created (since the generator is the one that creates the missing dirs,
but the receiver creates (and counts) the updated files).  It would be
nice to make this clearer somehow, but it would require a protocol
update to get the count of created directories into the created file
count, and that may not be worth it.  If you have a suggestion for how
to improve things, let me know.


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