build bug: HLINK.C

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sun Jul 11 23:44:54 GMT 2004

In the module HLINK.C, the routine hard_link_check() will not compile 
with the SUPPORT_HARD_LINKS macro defined to be zero.

It appears that the code should be set to return either a zero or a one. 
  I am not sure which.  The example below assumes zero.

wb8tyw at
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int hard_link_check(struct file_struct *file, int skip)

         if (!hlink_list || !file->link_u.links)
                 return 0;
         if (skip && !(file->flags & FLAG_HLINK_EOL))
                 hlink_list[file->F_HLINDEX] = file->F_NEXT;
         if (hlink_list[file->F_HLINDEX] != file) {
                 if (verbose > 1) {
                         rprintf(FINFO, "\"%s\" is a hard link\n",
                 return 1;
         return 0;

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