Some files are not getting transferred during the rsync process!!!!

Tim Conway conway at
Tue Jul 6 21:36:44 GMT 2004

There are many things that can cause that, among them file locking and 
exclusions.  Please provide the specific commandline you are using for the 
transfer - it's ok to obfuscate the server name and paths.  Also identify 
both platforms.
In the meantime, you may wish to run the command more verbosely.  Use more 
"-v"s, up to a maximum of 3, and it'll tell you more of what it's doing or 
failing to do, and why.

Tim Conway
Unix System Administration
Contractor - IBM Global Services
conway at

My first mail to the group. I am using rsync to synchronize two servers. 
Sometimes, Some of the files are not getting transferred. Is it possible 
for me to log the files that are missed in this rsync? I tried to get some 
resources from the net. But I did not find the required info.

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