[Windows] Unable to delete files transfered by rsync

Chang Wooi Po sanpee at myjaring.net
Tue Jul 6 00:47:44 GMT 2004

Hi all,

    I'm newbie to rsync, not sure if I use it correctly.

    I installed rsync v2.6.2 protocol version 28 on 2 of my machines at
home. Both running WinXP SP1.
    On the machine (named machine 1) with NTFS formatted drive, I issued the
following commands

     >rsync -varuz "machine2::My Documents/My Financials/" .

    The update was success. However the subdirectories and the files inside
are being not writtable.
    I can't add file the any of the subdirectories nor changing (include
deleting) any file inside the subdir.
    On the other hand, when I issue the following from machine1

    >rsync -varuz . "machine2::My Documents/My Financials/"

    The files arrived at machine2 with no problem at all. I can still change
all attributes of the transfered files.
    Machine2 is also a WinXP SP1 with FAT32 formatted partitions.

    Now, how could I delete or change attribute or the files on machine1
other then having to reformat the drive.


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